The JAMP Pharma case study

A pharmaceutical leader successfully launches several brands simultaneously on Amazon, and sees its main products shoot to the top of the search results within 6 months of going to market.


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JAMP Pharma’s brands were already well-established in pharmacies and department stores, but had not been marketed on Amazon, leaving an ever-growing share of the market to its competitors.

The vitamin and supplement category is a competitive niche, dominated by industry giants such as Jamieson and Webber. Carving out a place in it requires a carefully-planned go-to-market strategy and an in-depth knowledge of the platform.


JAMP Pharma wanted to launch its products on Amazon to meet its customers’ needs and achieve its digital transition objectives.

The company sought a rapid commercialization that adhered to its high standards in trademark management. The launch strategy also needed to take certain industrial regulations into consideration, and offer the best value to consumers.

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Significant gains within the first year

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How did we do it?

Our multidisciplinary team’s expertise in Amazon sales, marketing, and logistics is at the core of this project’s success.

About JAMP Pharma

Since 1894, the Wampole brand of natural health products has been used by Canadians from coast to coast. The group also owns other brands such as Laboratoires Suisse, Orimed Pharma, Algemarin, Valda, and Cosmetic Import.