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FBA Prep and labelling for Amazon

Prepare your product shipments at Amazon’s warehouse in compliance with packaging and labelling standards, with the help of our team.

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Compliant preparation ensures sales continuity

Amazon’s warehouses are major distribution centers that apply precise packaging and labelling standards. Adhering to rules is imperative to ensure reception of your products, and avoid fees being deducted from your accounts receivable.

Rely on our experienced team to manage the shipment creation process on Amazon’s interface and guide you through order preparation.

The ProMerit experience

Our experts are here to guide you in applying packaging, labelling and shipping standards for sending your products to Amazon’s warehouses.

Packaging standards
Labelling standards
Amazon Ratios
Restricted or dangerous products


ProMerit is a one-stop shop to ensure the online availability of your products across multiple countries. Our team simplifies operations and optimizes costs. 

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