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ProMerit propels your business success

The world of top-line online sales is a jungle. Thankfully, ProMerit is an excellent guide! Since 2015, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes to forge a path in this complex environment. We provide you with extensive infrastructure and skilled personnel – our team even includes former Amazon employees. All with a human approach. At ProMerit, decisions are made by people, not software.

What are we most proud of? The companies that partner with us see a rapid increase in sales, often doubling in a single year. There’s a reason 95% of them continue to work with us. We treat each brand entrusted to us as if it were our own.

All you need to succeed

ProMerit offers all the services you need, in order to grow your brand both on Amazon and on other sites, such as Walmart. And we support you through each step of the process.

Maximize your impact! Our team is made up of experts in search engine optimization (SEO), photography, graphic design, and advertising. They optimize product pages and visibility.

Keep an eye on your brand! Our specialists browse Amazon daily to monitor your content and distribution, freeing you up to focus your attention elsewhere.
Simplify your logistics! Our operations team ensures your products’ availability and adherence to packaging and storage requirements.
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Are you thinking of marketing your product in Canada, the United States and Europe? ProMerit provides you with hassle-free access to these key markets. 

We have storage abilities and bank accounts in local currencies in numerous countries. We are also able to fulfill fiscal obligations relating to sales tax. All of this infrastructure is at your fingertips, ready for immediate use. Expand your horizons while optimizing costs!

Measure Amazon's Influence in Canada

The international e-commerce giant is expanding at an astonishing rate. A threat for some and an opportunity for others, no one remains indifferent to Amazon.

Discover the trends and projects that will change the daily lives of Canadian businesses in the near future by reading the white paper on Amazon’s influence in Canada.

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The Diamancel case study

The Montreal company Diamancel, in business for over 25 years, partnered with ProMerit to revamp its entire Amazon strategy in order to capture new market segments and restore its former distinction.

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The ProMerit team is a true pleasure to work with. We rest easy knowing our Amazon business is being managed daily at the highest level! Their work ethic is outstanding, always communicating, and helpful with analytical detail treating our products like they were their own!

Greg Seelman
Vice-President – Operations


We’re happy with our change of agency for managing Amazon sales in the United States, we’ve seen significant sales growth year-over-year. ProMerit has indeed mastered Amazon and really showed us their commitment level is unparalleled! Kudos to the team!

Alain Caron


Partnering with the ProMerit team for several years, we have become a preferred choice on Amazon in Canada, thanks to our close collaboration. Their work ethic and results-oriented approach give us confidence in achieving our goals in the North American markets.

Danielle Déry


After four years working closely with ProMerit, I have nothing but praise for the company, their team, and the excellent results they’ve achieved for us.

Michael Cook


The ProMerit team is dedicated and passionate about e-commerce and its strategies, it’s a pleasure working with them.

Louis-Philip Vermeersch
General Manager


ProMerit is a company without equals, that cares about its clients and the products it represents. They’ve done excellent advertising and sales work on Amazon. If you’re looking for a company that delivers results, I wholeheartedly recommend the ProMerit team!

Guy Malenfant
Vice-President – Sales

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