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Advertising on Walmart

Increase your market share with Walmart by entrusting your online advertising campaigns to our team of specialists.

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An experienced partner in campaign management

As with any online sales platform, there are many major benefits to advertising with Walmart when the investment is well-managed.

The ProMerit team makes judicious use of each advertising program in order to maximize revenue based on each brand and product’s objectives and budget. Our team of online advertising specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, and video creators are here to support you in creating, refining, and managing campaigns.

The ProMerit experience

Our specialists in online advertising management and digital content creation provide you with cutting-edge expertise to maximize your advertising results while remaining within budget.

Campaign creation
Keyword optimization
Advertising graphic design
Brand advertising
Promotions and discounts


ProMerit is a one-stop shop for marketing your brand with all major online retailers. Our specialists in digital marketing maximize your visibility and revenue through processes managed by our team.

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