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Keywords and Seo for Amazon

Achieve a preferential position in both organic and sponsored search results with our team of Amazon SEO experts.

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Text optimized for Amazon

Drafting the text in your listings and including relevant keywords must be an integral part of any Amazon launch and growth strategy. It’s important to strike a balance between a high volume of keywords while ensuring the content remains relevant to the consumer.

Our specialists analyze your products and those of your competitors before optimizing your listings to ensure the writing quality remains top-notch. Then, depending on the products’ position in organic search results, complementary advertising campaigns are then implemented to achieve a high-performing, profitable strategy.

The ProMerit experience

Our team drafts relevant text for the consumer that contains keywords selected to achieve organic and sponsored positioning objectives on Amazon.

Customer-relevant content
Title optimization
Keyword optimization
Analysis of organic positioning
Targeted ad copywriting
Analysis of competition


ProMerit is a one-stop shop for marketing your brand with all major online retailers. Our specialists in digital marketing maximize your visibility and revenue through processes managed by our team.

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