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Multilingual Customer Service

Offer impeccable customer service in English, Spanish, and French, to meet the needs of all your customers.

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Customer service makes the difference in online sales

Customer service is the only human contact between the customer and your company in online sales. Customers look for rapid, precise, and courteous answers to their questions. Satisfaction with the service received impacts conversion and return rates, and above all, consumer reviews on your listings.

ProMerit has maintained a remarkable 100% positive review rate for its customer service quality for years.

The ProMerit experience

Our trilingual English, Spanish and French team responds to customers in a professional manner, always in 24 business hours or less.

Response to buyers' messages
Follow-up on seller account ratings
Response to listing questions
Professional multilingual service


ProMerit is a one-stop shop to ensure the online availability of your products across multiple countries. Our team simplifies operations and optimizes costs. 

Create impactful listings and maximize their visibility

Protect your brand effectively online

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