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The Diamancel case study

Diamancel achieved a 350% increase on Amazon in 1 year, and $1.5 million in sales on Costco.com thanks to the optimization of its product listings and a revamp of its brand image.

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In business for over 25 years, the company was already well-established in the United States with luxury retailers such as Sephora and professional beauty salons.

Its products have been marketed on Amazon for a number of years, but the level of sales, though significant, were not reaching their full potential. Nor was the brand management, a key factor in this industry.


Diamancel wanted to revamp its entire Amazon strategy in order to capture new market segments and restore its former distinction. The company also wanted to add a major American retailer to its client base.

Another priority was protecting their physical distribution networks, which were already well-established.

As a result, understanding the consumers’ needs and the products had to be at the heart of the solution to make the most of the current client base, and acquire more clients, in order to achieve the objectives.

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Game-changing results by the second year

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Increase in
Amazon sales

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Opening with
Costco USA

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How did we do it?

Success was achieved by creating and executing a precise action plan that met the company’s objectives.

About Diamancel

In 1994, Diamancel selected the hardest, most elegant stone in the world and integrated into its nail and callus files. After over 25 years, the reputation and durability of real diamond files is well-established around the world.