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Policies and Laws Compliance in Amazon

Operate in compliance with Amazon’s laws and policies at all times.

Many specific policies to master

Amazon has a large number of internal policies to master. Adhering to Amazon’s policies allows you to keep product listings online, to ship to Amazon’s distribution centers without penalties or receipt rejections, and to maintain an active Amazon account.

Let the ProMerit team be your guide to compliance with Amazon policies in each of the countries we serve, from marketing to logistics.

The ProMerit experience

ProMerit has an in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s regulations and policies that ensures the continuity of your operations.

Knowledge of Amazon policies
Compliance with laws and regulations
Intellectual property management
Logistical requirements guidance


ProMerit is a one-stop shop for the protection of your brand and your distribution policies. Our specialists monitor your online business, providing you with constant and compliant support.

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Entrust us with shipping and inventory management

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