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Product Reinstatement on Amazon

Rely on our specialized team to reinstate your product listings that have been deactivated by Amazon.

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Active product listings thanks to our technical expertise

Amazon can deactivate your products any time, causing financial losses. Reasons for their removal vary, but include failure to adhere to an Amazon policy, application of a law update, a labelling error, an excessively high return rate, etc.

In order to reinstate your products, an in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s policies and standards is necessary, as well as an advanced knowledge of available reinstatement tools. Rely on our internal experts to avoid improvising, and to accelerate the process.

The ProMerit experience

Our technical specialists have in-depth knowledge of the internal workings of Amazon’s platform, and make sure your product listings are rapidly reinstated.

Rapid intervention
Identification of the cause
Compliant reinstatement


ProMerit is a one-stop shop for the protection of your brand and your distribution policies. Our specialists monitor your online business, providing you with constant and compliant support.

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