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Pro-Merit is a branded product e-commerce distributor that creates amazing opportunities for its clients by marketing their brand’s through different online retailers in Canada, United States and Europe. Its specialised e-commerce expertise and unique structure ensure efficiency and efficacity for sales, marketing, logistics and customer service, consequently reaching millions of targeted consumers every single day.

Slide A team of specialized local managers who take charge of 100% of customer relationship and project management. A logistics team that processes orders even before the start of the North American day, as well as 24-hour work for design and 3D modeling, all carried out by an incredibly talented and unique team. And finally, a human intervention capacity 24 hours a day in the event of problems related to the account or to the products. What are you getting? sell on amazon The world of online sales never takes a break - days, evenings, nights, weekends or holidays, our consumers shop online and want fast, 24/7 service. To meet this new reality, Pro-Merit team is locally and internationally located.

Dave DAVE ST-GELAIS JONATHAN BOULANGER MÉLANIE ROYER E-Commerce Strategist and Operation Manager Business Development Manager Marketing Manager Co-founder Co-founder DAVE ST-GELAIS E-Commerce Strategist and Operation Manager, Co-founder Dave has nearly 20 years of experience in key marketing and sales positions in manufacturing companies. The impressive accomplishments under his watch led him to rise rapidly through the ranks. Responsible for the online marketing strategy and logistics at Pro-Merit, he is keen to raise the bar to identify new market opportunities, no matter what the challenges are. With a calm and thoughtful personality, mixed with a cocktail of versatility and creativity, Dave is one of the talents who propels companies towards measurable results. His family and social values are undeniable, he always finds time for his family, his children, his friends, and his team sports. • Worships entrepreneurship and risk taking
• Thrilled by business challenges, especially when hard to fix
• Passionate by marketing new products starting from scratch
• Down-to-earth marketing strategist with strong sales background
• Loves team sports and social events
We all have writer’s block, find a way to get through it. OUR MANAGERS
Jonathan JONATHAN BOULANGER Business Development Manager, Co-founder Business owner, with a master's degree in marketing and former member of the Canadian Mountain Bike National Team, Jonathan thrives on challenges and performance. Starting his career with a stagnant SMB, he was at the center of creation and execution of an action plan that generated 30% growth in 18 months. His achievements continued thereafter, drawing on 12 years of multidisciplinary experience. He mainly works in digital, product development, branding and online advertising. Co-founder of Pro-Merit, his cutting-edge experience in brand marketing on Amazon, Costco and Walmart makes him a great ally for marketing at large online retailers. • Understands that in business, all parties must generate profit
• Thinks that the word impossible is over-represented
• Loves working-out
• Is forced to admit that he enjoyed his 2 mandatory years as a flutist at school
In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd. OUR MANAGERS MÉLANIE ROYER Marketing Manager Co-founder JONATHAN BOULANGER Business Development Manager Co-founder DAVE ST-GELAIS E-Commerce Strategist and Operation Manager
melanie MÉLANIE ROYER Marketing Manager With more than 10 years of experience in marketing and project management, Mélanie has held positions as team leader, in sales and distribution and in customer relationship management. Drawing on her many years of work in the manufacturing industry, she now holds the position of Marketing Manager at Pro-Merit. Passionate about challenges, she deploys a great deal of energy to set and achieve measurable goals. Creative and go-getter, she does not hesitate to rely on teamwork to overcome the difficulties encountered. Down to earth and easy to approach, Mélanie loves stepping out of her comfort zone. Used to being multi-tasking, she does not hesitate to combine work, family and home renovations! • Is passionate about products, competition, and market analysis
• Believes that creativity must be at the service of sales and goals
• Can easily juggle dozens of simultaneous tasks flawlessly
• Finds that teamwork is the key to reaching new heights
• Loves cooking and gastronomy but his guilty pleasure is the art of BBQing
Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out and get it. OUR MANAGERS MÉLANIE ROYER Marketing Manager Co-founder JONATHAN BOULANGER Business Development Manager Co-founder DAVE ST-GELAIS E-Commerce Strategist and Operation Manager


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amazon expert

At Pro-Merit, we know that achieving truly exceptional results is impossible without teamwork, dedication and a commitment to cultivating solid partnerships with our clients. We actively promote and sustain a positive and efficient work environment guided by strong values.

Slide When you entrust us with your products, we sell and market them as our own and share open book with all of our clients. We are entrepreneurs working with and for entrepreneurs Trust Our goal is to develop sustainable and profitable relationships. We firmly believe in the tremendous potential of each of our clients and commit to its success, to the extend of taking risks to achieve our mutual goals.
Commitment We strongly believe a partnership needs to benefit each party everyday. At Pro-Merit, we do not bound each other into legal commitment as we aim to provide added value at all time, ensuring strong relationship and great results.
Adding value Human scale Pro-Merit adapts and perfectly integrates new technologies to offer unparalleled quality of service. However, we strongly believe that human intervention is the key to delivering exceptional quality. Each person on our team brings their own vision, creativity, and skills, which gives the flexibility to develop the best possible solutions for our clients. Expertise To achieve amazing results, nothing compares to the results we have with high-level expertise employees. Pro-Merit promotes the development of its employees and encourages innovative projects. We want our employees to make decisions to sharpen their professional acumen. Respect Pro-Merit aims to protect each new client’s brand and current distribution channels. We offer a 360-degree view of each brand to ensure the stability of each clients’ brick and mortar channels. Respect is also key within our team and throughout our company’s policies.



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