A commitment to cultivating long-term partnerships is at the heart of our priorities.

ProMerit helps brands grow on Amazon and other online retailers

ProMerit helps trademark owners grow their revenue across all major online sales platforms. Founded in 2015, the company is a precursor to high-level e-commercialization in Canada. Its mission: to accelerate local and national companies’ growth through expertise born from experience and sustainable human partnerships. ProMerit is invested in your success!
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ProMerit all started with an intuition…

Dave St-Gelais and Jonathan Boulanger met through work in 2014. Both marketing experts, they combined their experience in SMEs and new technologies. They quickly hit it off, and found they shared the same ambition: assisting trademark owners in achieving success on the major online sales platforms.

At the time, Canada was only just realizing the enormous business potential offered by major retailers on the internet. Dave and Jonathan saw the wave coming. While analyzing sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Costco, one question arose: why were all the available products sold mostly by large companies? The absence of SMEs was conspicuous, despite their high-quality offerings.

The reason, is that using these networks requires advanced expertise. The two partners developed a business model to allow companies of all sizes to access this enormous consumer base, without the need to recruit internal specialists, invest significant time, or incur financial risk. And so, ProMerit was born in June of 2015.

Today, Dave Saint-Gelais and Jonathan Boulanger head up a team of 15 people, managing a portfolio of over 50 brands. The larger the e-commerce world grows, the harder it is to carve out a place in it. ProMerit addresses this challenge with a constant focus on its primary goal: creating added value for its partner companies.

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A team combining expertise and experience

Today, ProMerit counts 15 of the high-level e-commerce world’s top talents among its ranks. Together, we have a wide range of skills:


Our staff works in synergy to help our partners’ companies prosper, to market their products, and to accelerate their growth. It also includes former Amazon employees who are proficient in the platform’s complex operation.

Headquartered in Lévis (Quebec, Canada), ProMerit also employs professionals in Argentina and India to ensure your success is unimpeded by time zones. Our clients enjoy 24/7 human supervision of their logistics and protection of their online brand, with local expertise in strategy, content creation, and customer service.

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A co-founder of ProMerit, Dave has many years of experience in e-commerce. He excels in turning strategic objectives into precise operations. His thoughtful personality and his extensive Amazon experience generate considerable added value for our clients.

Dave St-Gelais


Jonathan's pic

A co-founder of ProMerit, Jonathan knows how to anticipate and meet our partner companies’ needs. Every day, he aspires to provide them with concrete results. He takes pride in their trust and is continuously motivated to improve our service offer.

Jonathan Boulanger

VP of business development

Melanie's pic

Melanie has over 10 years of experience in marketing and project management. Her discernment and versatility contribute to the performance of our go-to-market strategy. She achieves results even in the face of challenges and constraints.

Mélanie Royer

Content and advertising director

Chafik's Pic

An organized and effective manager, Chafik optimizes our supply chain. His passion for continuous improvement and teamwork helps reconcile technology with the human approach. He contributes actively to ProMerit’s growth.

Chafik Ait Ouali

Head of operations

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Mercedes has distinguished herself in brand management with the multinational Unilever, and the Trapiche winery. She draws on her extensive experience to help grow our clients’ trademarked brands on Amazon.

Mercedes Venarotti

Marketing director

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Success anchored in
strong values

Our exceptional results come from our cutting-edge expertise in online sales, as well as
our devotion and  commitment to cultivating long-term partnerships. Here are the
values at the heart of our operations.



Human approach

ProMerit makes good use of technology, but relies primarily on its personnel to achieve exceptional results.



ProMerit is fully invested in the success of its partner companies, managing their brands with the same diligence as if they were their own.



ProMerit thrives on the expertise of its personnel, some of whom were trained by the major online retailers, and on the reputation of its Amazon seller account.




In its decision-making, ProMerit always takes into consideration the full impact across a company, its brand, and its distribution networks.


Added value

ProMerit takes every available action to increase each of its partner companies' business profitability as much as possible.


Shared risk

ProMerit demonstrates its commitment to seeing its clients prosper, by sharing the inherent risks of e-commerce with them.

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From the start, nearly all of our partner companies have remained with us.

Cultivating long-term partnerships