Case studies

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Diamancel saw a 350% increase thanks to an image overhaul and optimization of its product listings
By choosing ProMerit to overhaul its brand image and adapt its content for the Amazon platform, the Montreal SME saw a 350% increase in its Canadian and American sales in just 12 months, as well as the addition of a major sales network in the United States.

The pharmaceutical leader made it into the top 3 search results just 6 months after launch
Working in an extremely competitive niche on Amazon, JAMP Pharma linked up with ProMerit in order to position its 4 flagship brands. Thanks to a careful launch and a thorough knowledge of the platform’s workings, the primary product made it into the top 3 search results in less than 6 months.

Top 3



in sales

SamaN transition to Vendor-Seller hybrid model, simplifies operations and captures $1M in sales in 12 months
After many successful years in brick & mortars, Saman launched on Amazon in the United-States and Canada. Sales and profitability fell short of expectations, as the company had to deal with complex logistics, deficient in-stock rate, and unstable resale prices. They partnered with ProMerit to optimize their Amazon strategy.