From graphic design to compliance and shipment management, our multidisciplinary team handles every step of the process.

Everything you need to boost your sales on Amazon

Are you a trademark owner? ProMerit offers all the support you need to increase your sales on Amazon. Our experts work with you throughout the process, from marketing to customer service. We also know how to make the most of other major sales platforms, such as Walmart.


An attractive presentation
maximizes sales


Targeted ads with
optimal cost


Shipping and distribution
that meets requirements


Responses in 24 business hours,
in English and French

Taxes and

Sales tax collection in
compliance with local laws


Accurate sales forecasts to
optimize supply and procurement

Online offer

So your product listings are always active and up-to-date


An expert compiles key
indicators every week

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In order to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the major online sales platforms, an expert’s support comes in handy. ProMerit helps both small businesses and major manufacturers to sell their products. We offer two different service plans to best meet our clients’ needs.

Account Management

ProMerit works alongside your team to sell your merchandise via your Amazon account. You maintain ownership of the inventory, accounts receivable and your brand on Amazon. We tailor our services to meet your company needs, managing Amazon marketing, logistics, and customer service.



ProMerit purchases your merchandise and sells it via its own Amazon account. You maintain ownership of your brand on Amazon. We collect the products from your warehouse and process your invoice. Subsequently, ProMerit manages all follow-up processes and covers any related fees, encompassing product returns and investments in advertising.


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With the Account Management solution, ProMerit offers rates tailored to your needs.

With the Partnership solution, ProMerit purchases your products at a fair price. There are no fixed fees. In order to support our partner companies’ success, we believe in equitable pricing.

With the Account Management solution, your company must be registered with the online retailer you wish to sell with.

With the Partnership solution, this is not required. We sell your products via ProMerit’s established accounts.

With the Account Management solution, we follow your instructions for merchandise returned by the consumers, either forwarding them to your warehouse or disposing of them.

With the Partnership solution, you will not have product returns. In some exceptional cases, such as manufacturing defects, we may request a replacement item from you.

With the Account Management solution, your company covers all promotional expenses.

With the Partnership solution, we invest in your brand. We handle advertising and promotional costs in order to market your products.

With the Account Management solution, you are primarily responsible for content creation, though ProMerit may propose an arrangement to fulfill some of this work. 

With the Partnership solution, ProMerit handles the creation of new product photos and ambiance images, copywriting, videos, etc. All on our dime.

In business, as in life, a happy relationship is always based on freedom of choice. If we have to part ways, our experts will transfer all your content free of charge, and facilitate the transition to the best of their ability. But we’re not worried: we’ve maintained the trust of 95% of our partner companies so far.

With the Account Management solution, you handle the administrative and legal processes for collecting taxes yourself.

With the Partnership solution, you’ll enjoy the tax structure ProMerit has established for doing business in Canada, the United States, and Europe. We collect taxes for you, in full compliance with applicable laws.

Absolutely. You’ll almost certainly see a significant increase in your sales. ProMerit will first analyze your situation to obtain an accurate evaluation of your growth prospects.

In principle, yes. If it becomes impossible to provide you with exclusivity, we’ll discuss this with you beforehand.

A trusted business

At ProMerit, we believe that human connection is at the heart of businesses that prosper. We aspire to establish sustainable relationships with our clients. This cooperation is based on equitable pricing, shared risks, and parties’ freedom of action.

Our mission is to grow your brand. Not sure how effective we are? You’re free to cancel anytime. Our offer has no contract or conditions attached, and our work is copyright-free. We rely entirely on our creation of added value day after day, in order to retain our client base. Our results are our best advertisement!

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client loyalty

From the start, nearly all our partner companies have remained with us.

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Achieving the highest standards

ProMerit counts on its solid team to meet the challenges of selling on Amazon. We employ specialists in marketing, logistics, and management. Many have acquired their technical expertise working directly with the e-commerce giant, as employees or as trainees. All of our services, from the product listing to the customer relationship, are handled internally.

With our headquarters located in Lévis (Quebec, Canada) and offices in Argentina and India, our partner companies enjoy 24/7 human supervision of logistics and protection of their brand online, with local expertise deployed for strategy, content creation, and customer service. This organization allows us to achieve the highest standards in online commerce.

Our method for
business success

ProMerit’s mission is to see the brands entrusted to us prosper. We achieve this through detailed planning, efficient execution, and transparent communication.

1 Analysis

We analyze your situation and evaluate your realistic online growth prospects, free of charge.

2 Planning

We submit a 12-month action plan to you, including a list of deliverables with a timetable.

3 Execution

We execute planned operations, either in collaboration with your team, or independently

4 Feedback

Every month, we draft a performance report that allows the progress of results to be tracked.

4 Feedback

Every month, we draft a performance report that allows the progress of results to be tracked.

3 Execution

We execute planned operations, either in collaboration with your team, or independently


1 Analysis

We analyze your situation and evaluate your realistic online growth prospects, free of charge.

2 Planning

We submit a 12-month action plan to you, including a list of deliverables with a timetable.

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Why should you trust ProMerit with your needs?



Human beings

We maintain a 2:1 ratio of clients to employees. Human intervention is key to achieving exceptional results, even with the integration of technology.


Real experts

We have a well-established seller account on Amazon. Our employees are experts in the field, trained by the American multinational.


Shared risk

We share the risks inherent to online commerce with you. Our offer demonstrates our commitment to your success.


No contracts or conditions

Our offer comes without a contract or conditions, and our work is copyright-free. We retain our clients solely by adding value to their business.


Maximum value

We maximize your profits while saving you time. We also ensure that your brand is managed according to the highest standards.


An international structure

We maintain the logistical and fiscal framework necessary to do business in North America and in Europe, saving you time and money.

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The ProMerit team is a true pleasure to work with. We rest easy knowing our Amazon business is being managed daily at the highest level! Their work ethic is outstanding, always communicating, and helpful with analytical detail treating our products like they were their own!

Greg Seelman
Vice-President – Operations


We’re happy with our change of agency for managing Amazon sales in the United States, we’ve seen significant sales growth year-over-year. ProMerit has indeed mastered Amazon and really showed us their commitment level is unparalleled! Kudos to the team!

Alain Caron


Partnering with the ProMerit team for several years, we have become a preferred choice on Amazon in Canada, thanks to our close collaboration. Their work ethic and results-oriented approach give us confidence in achieving our goals in the North American markets.

Danielle Déry


After four years working closely with ProMerit, I have nothing but praise for the company, their team, and the excellent results they’ve achieved for us.

Michael Cook


The ProMerit team is dedicated and passionate about e-commerce and its strategies, it’s a pleasure working with them.

Louis-Philip Vermeersch
General Manager


ProMerit is a company without equals, that cares about its clients and the products it represents. They’ve done excellent advertising and sales work on Amazon. If you’re looking for a company that delivers results, I wholeheartedly recommend the ProMerit team!

Guy Malenfant
Vice-President – Sales

Cultivating long-term partnerships