Top 5 Amazon News for September 2022

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Here we share the top updates and news for September 2022:

1. New Launch: A/B test for your titles, images, and A+ content (Canada)

Amazon announcement:

“Manage Your Experiments now supports A/B testing for A+ content, titles and images in Seller Central.

This tool can help brand owners to improve sales by testing two versions of the same listing to identify the most impactful page content.

In only a few minutes, you can run A/B tests on listing titles, images and A+ content for the same high-traffic ASIN to identify and publish better product detail page content to improve conversions.”


ProMerit Tip: Amazon offers this tool so brands can see which listings perform best in sales, and learn from this. As mentioned before, you can change images, titles, and A+ content to experiment with different listings. Please note that not all ASINs will be eligible, as they must belong to your brand and meet minimum traffic thresholds. Experiments should be run for at least 8 to 10 weeks for more accuracy. At ProMerit, we can help you create new content, follow up on results in Seller Central, and provide guidance based on our years of experience across many product categories.

2. Policy update: Adult products and explicit sexual imagery guidelines (USA)

Amazon announcement:

“On July 26, 2022, we updated our adult products policy to give you more clarity on nudity and explicit sexual imagery, and to protect customers.

We strictly prohibit any listings or product detail page images that feature explicit sexual imagery, including sexual wellness products, posters, drawings, artwork, t-shirts, sculptures or figurines.

Review your listings within 60 days and update your images, if required. If no action is taken by September 26, 2022, affected listings will be suppressed or restricted in search.”


ProMerit Tip: Adult products range from ‘Sexual wellness dietary supplements’, to ‘Sex dolls’, ‘Fetish wear’, ‘Sexy lingerie’, ‘Sex Toys’, and ‘Sexually explicit games’, to many other product categories. Make sure to check all the changes and clarifications made by Amazon within your category as this policy update can affect your listings, including taking them down or restricting their appearance in search results.

3. Amazon Seller Wallet: a new way to manage and transfer funds from Seller Central (USA)

Amazon announcement:

“We’re excited to introduce Amazon Seller Wallet: a new tool to simplify the Amazon global selling experience.

This secure payment solution makes it easy and hassle-free to hold, view, and disburse any amount of sales proceeds directly to your local bank account on your schedule, all within Seller Central.

There’s no cost or minimum amount required to enrol in Amazon Seller Wallet, and access is free. Sellers with international bank accounts can convert US dollars into one of 19 supported currencies, with volume-based international transaction fees to convert and transfer funds.

Amazon Seller Wallet is currently available to a select number of sellers by invitation only. We’ll collect feedback to refine the tool over time, and look forward to offering it to more sellers in the coming months.”


ProMerit Tip: The primary purpose of this new tool is to help sellers save time and money. Testing began only a few months ago (in July) in the United States, so Amazon is still collecting feedback. One of its top benefits is free account maintenance, though currency conversion and international transfer fees will apply when users convert and transfer funds. However it still remains available to sellers by invitation only.

4. Seller University: How to report abuse in the Amazon store (USA)

Amazon announcement:

“Our updated “Report abuse in the Amazon store” video on Seller University explains which types of suspected abuse you can report to Amazon, and how to submit each report.

Find out how to use the Report abuse portal on Seller Central to notify Amazon about issues such as Intellectual Property violations, counterfeit products, unauthorized use of copyrighted images, and abusive customer messages.”


ProMerit Tip: Because building confidence remains one of sellers primary goals on Amazon, this tool can be remarkably helpful. At ProMerit, we use Amazon’s centralized reporting portal to notify clients of these situations, and we also pay close attention to any message we may receive or any listing issue that may arise, to ensure that it is resolved as soon as possible, in accordance with any rules that have been changed without prior notice.

5. Deep-dive oversize and overweight chargebacks with ASIN information (Canada)

Amazon announcement:

“Starting on August 1, 2022, you will be able to see ASIN-level information in Vendor Central for products that resulted in oversize and overweight chargebacks.

If you have sent multiple ASINs in your box, the information in Vendor Central will enable you to review which product most likely caused the chargeback so that you can research the issue more easily.

Note that the oversize and overweight chargebacks are not new, and this change merely provides more information about those chargebacks.

We don’t issue chargebacks for errors or operational issues caused by Amazon. If you believe that you incorrectly received a chargeback, follow the steps under Dispute a chargeback, and include any details that will help us validate your dispute.”


ProMerit Tip: We recommend that sellers regularly check the operational performance metrics in the menu: ‘Report – Operational performance’, and review any issues and performance insights in order to take action and meet metrics targets, and avoid chargebacks.

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