Top 5 Amazon News for March 2023

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Here we share the top updates and news for March 2023:

1. Personalize your FBA reports with new Custom Report Builder (USA & Canada)

Amazon announcement:

“The new FBA Custom Report Builder allows you to create and save personalized reporting views (“custom views”) by simply dragging and dropping the data fields that matter most to you.

Available now, the Inventory business view allows you to monitor key information from various reports, such as inventory that is in transit, in a fulfilment centre, being delivered to buyers, lost or damaged.

We’ll be adding more business views, such as shipments, returns and orders in the future.

To access the Custom Report Builder, select Reports from the drop-down menu in Seller Central and then select Fulfilment.”


ProMerit TipGreat news! As always, Amazon is helping sellers improve their experience on the platform. The information now available in the Inventory business view is thorough and comprehensive, allowing us to see a wide variety of key indicators in a single place, with ease.

There is a step-by-step guide available to make the most of this new tool, and explain all the available options, including generating and downloading reports, creating and saving a custom view, editing or deleting it, and marking a view as a Favorite for easy access. Give it a try today!


2. Reassure customers with the new Transparency badge (USA)

Amazon announcement:

“We’ve launched the Transparency badge to indicate that your product is authenticated by Transparency on Amazon stores, reassuring customers that they’re protected from buying counterfiet products.

If you’re registered with Amazon Brand Registry and participate in Transparency, your qualifying ASINs will automatically receive the badge in the Additional details section on the Product Detail page.

Transparency is an Amazon Brand Protection service that uses secure, unique codes to identify individual units and prevent counterfeits from reaching customers.

For more information about the Transparency badge and the full suite of benefits available to brands that enroll their products in Transparency, you can submit a contact request.

If you’re already enrolled in Transparency and want more information about the badge, you can contact your Transparency account manager directly.”


ProMerit TipIn order to prevent counterfeiting, Amazon has created this new Transparency badge. If you are not registered with the Amazon Brand Registry, you can get started by submitting a contact request on the Transparency page, where you can find a lot of useful, detailed information. Enrolling with the Brand Registry is required to achieve this badge.


3. Update on capacity at Canada Fulfilment Centres (Canada)

Amazon announcement:

“Amazon continues to invest in expanding our fulfilment and logistics network to support growing seller demand for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), and to continue delighting our customers with vast selection, fast delivery, and the most convenient shopping experience possible.

We are pleased to share the launch of a new fulfilment centre in Acheson, AB in February, which will add 2.7M cubic feet of storage space in our network. This fulfilment centre launch is contributing to our network capacity expansion and will allow us to better support our selling partner expansion in Canada.

We are excited to share this news and hope that you are able to expand your FBA business in the Amazon Canada store this year.”


ProMerit TipDue to growing seller demand, Amazon has opened this new fulfilment center. Everyone working with FBA items may benefit from it. We recommend that everyone update their seller internal address system, if required, to check whether this affects you or not. Here is the information about this center:, Inc.

c/o Amazon Canada Fulfilment Services, ULC

27383 92 Ave

Acheson, AB, T7X 2X2

Operating from: 26/02/2023

Amazon FC Code: YEG2

SAN: 8102120


4. Display your products in the Made in Canada store (Canada)

Amazon announcement:

“The Made in Canada store will highlight Canadian expertise products from large companies, small businesses and even artisans. To make it easier for customers to shop Canadian-made products, we are launching a Made in Canada store on later this month.

The store will include products from a wide range of categories, such as clothing, garden, grocery and gourmet, health and beauty, home, jewellery and toys and games.

For a product to be part of the Made in Canada store, at least 51% of it must be made in Canada or its last substantial transformation must have occurred in Canada.”


ProMerit Tip: This “Made in Canada” store is a great opportunity to feature applicable products, under the basic conditions mentioned before. Once you apply, it can take up to four weeks for product submissions to be approved. As a best practice, make sure you verify the correct categorization of your product upon completion.

5. Introducing size normalization to standardize quantity information (Canada)

Amazon announcement:

“We’ve standardized ‘Size’ catalog attributes across all search and detail pages to give customers consistent quantity information.

Providing valid ‘Size’ values makes it easier for customers to compare products before buying. We’ve found that listings with valid ‘Size’ values for quantity information are bought more often.

Size normalization rules now automatically display ‘Size’ in a standard format, using data from catalog attributes such as unit count, unit count type, and the number of items.

Your listings will show the ‘Size’ value that a customer is familiar with based on their geographical location. For example, oz in the US and grams in UK.”


ProMerit TipSize normalization arrived in February of this year to optimize the purchasing experience and thereby sales in general. It’s a great moment to check all ASINs with valid “Size” values displaying quantity information, to make sure they are displayed correctly. We’ve faced some inconsistencies in some categories which could only be fixed through Amazon support.

Some of the key attributes to check are: UNIT_COUNT, NUMBER_OF_ITEMS, NET_CONTENT (weight, volume, count, area), INCONTINENCE_PROTECTOR_SIZE, and TOTAL_SERVINGS_PER_CONTAINER.


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