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Top 5 Amazon News for April 2021

By 27 May 2021No Comments
Amazon Project Zero

Each month, we are monitoring news and updates from Amazon to seize opportunities and counter issues before they happen to us and our clients.

We are sharing for the benefits of our clients and the Amazon community.

Here are the top changes, updates, and news for April 2021. 

Amazon Project Zero

Project Zero – Empowering brands to drive counterfeits to zero

Official news: What Is Amazon Project Zero and How It Helps Fight Counterfeits

Project Zero is Amazon’s bold response to counterfeits on this e-commerce platform. It is a self-service tool for brands that can help them distinguish their original products from dupes. The messaging of the program clarifies the project’s name, as Amazon shared that the purpose of the project is “Empowering brands to drive counterfeits to zero.

Pro-Merit tips: on invitation only for now, Project Zero gathers 3 anti-counterfeit components for brands: automatic scanning of listings, self-service offer removal and individual product labelling. If you deal with counterfeits on Amazon, you need to explore this program.

Amazon Explore – A virtual alternative to travel tours and brick-and-mortar stores

Official news: Extend Your Small Business Reach with Amazon Explore

Amazon Explore is a new service that lets you bring customers to your physical store, virtually. It includes one-to-one, personalized experiences that make it easier for customers to discover new brands and unique products, and shop from the comfort of their home.

Pro-Merit tips: presented mostly as a virtual way to shop into a brick-and-mortar store, the current offering is mostly attraction tours you schedule in advance and virtually visit with your host. Future will tell if a real-life sales person can help selling on Amazon.

Amazon Explore
international FBA sellers

US Customs (CBP) clarifies guidance for international FBA sellers

 Official news: New Customs Requirements for low-value shipments to the US

Release Date: April 22, 2021

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued new guidance on how to correctly ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in the US.

Pro-Merit tips: the high volume of international sellers using FBA services has forced the US Customs to provide official guidance on documentation. To avoid duty and problem as an international seller, make sure to read and follow the guidance.

Melting temperature update

Official news: Melting temperature attribute & new size attributes

Starting April 22, 2021, melting temperature attribute will be a required step when you fill out information for New ASINs or All existing ASINs when you update any attribute on a product information page. For meltable items, such as chocolate, lip balms, and wax-based products, select Yes for is heat sensitive and provide information about the product’s melting temperature.

Pro-Merit tips: Avoid a bad surprise, make sure to fill the attribute now before it gets mandatory.

Melting temperature update
USA return address amazon

A USA return address is no longer required for returns

Official news: Change to Returnless Refunds for International Seller-Fulfilled Orders

Release Date: April 22, 2021

Effective May 25, 2021, if you fulfil customer orders in the US from a country outside of the US, you must provide a valid US return address (for items under $25). Amazon will use this address to generate prepaid return labels for customers on eligible return requests. If a US return address is not provided, Amazon will issue the customer a refund for eligible returns under $25, without requiring the item to be returned (Returnless Refund). This change will help simplify and standardize the returns process for low price items for both customers and sellers. If you do not have a local return address, an international returns provider on the Solution Provider Network may be able to help.

Pro-Merit tips: expect international competition to increase on

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