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Newegg Consultant and Distributor

Have you just started selling on Newegg? Are you already a high‑volume Newegg seller? No matter what your size, industry, or level of expertise, Pro‑Merit’s can help launch or optimize your sales. With Pro-Merit, your company gets a team of dedicated experts who keep up with all the latest developments.

We provide two types of services: consulting and distribution.

Consulting on Newegg

Looking for a team of experts working directly in your Newegg account, providing on-demand and/or continuous support and monitoring? Pro-Merit consulting services is what you need.


Your situation and objectives are identified


Pro-Merit team analyzes the information


Pro-Merit gets information from its contacts


Pro-Merit share the information and works a solution

With Pro-Merit Consulting Services, your business gets the expertise it needs to optimize how your product line is marketed through Newegg.

Distribution through Newegg

Pro-Merit offers a turnkey solution for selling on Newegg. When you entrust your product line to our team of experts, you’ll reap the full benefits of selling through this e‑commerce giant, in a risk-free business model.


Your situation and objectives are identified


Pro-Merit team analyzes the information.


Pro-Merit pay in 30 days.


Pro-Merit handle everything such as sales, advertising, promotions, returns, etc.

With Pro-Merit Newegg Distribution Services, your business can market its product through Newegg with total peace of mind.

Understanding of the situation

Are you new to Newegg or an established seller? Is protecting your company’s current distribution channel a top priority? Do you need turnkey logistic services? Are you targeting local or international online sales? The Pro-Merit Team is well aware of the challenges of selling products online. We take the time to understand your company’s unique situation and propose a solution adapted to your needs.

Sales and Marketing

Pro-Merit’s team of experts has all the necessary skills to manage the sale and marketing of your products on Newegg. Product listings are designed to optimize sales, while upholding your brand’s presentation standards. Our team members will execute and monitor each step that goes into the sale & marketing of your products.

Growth and monitoring

Once your company has state-of-the-art Newegg marketed products, Pro-Merit monitors and protects your brand.

We track and optimize advertising and promotional campaigns to increase sales.

After some time, we will assess your products’ compatibility with other e-retailers covered by Pro-Merit so we can suggest an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Our clients include multinational firms, individual entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

Your consumer shops everywhere. Be everywhere.

E-commerce sales are booming. Your consumer shops everywhere. It's essential to market your brand on multiple online sales channel. Pro-Merit is one door to major e-retailer in Canada, United States and Europe.


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