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A manufacturer of luxury products for nails and calluses saw its sales skyrocket following the takeover and enhancement of the company’s marketing strategy on Amazon.

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Despite their significant success thus far, Diamancel’s sales on Amazon and their overall online sales were well below their potential.

Diamancel sells luxury products, but their brand image did not reflect the high quality of their products. Due to non-expert product management on Amazon, consumers were confronted with a complex offer, unpredictable pricing and content that was poorly adapted to the platform. Ad campaigns only cannibalized sales within Amazon, and the complementary products in the product line were not promoted.

To drive Diamancel’s online sales, Pro-Merit developed and executed, entirely at its own expense, a comprehensive go-to-market solution addressing sales, marketing, logistics and advertising. Gaining an understanding of consumers’ needs and Diamancel’s products were at the core of the solution.

Adapted, distinctive content

Following an in-depth analysis of the situation, Pro-Merit increased product and brand value by creating high-end photographic renderings and written content optimized for functionality and organic SEO.

A controlled and clear offer

By adding all of Diamancel’s product pages to the Brand Registry, deleting duplicate product pages and re-gaining control over distribution, Pro-Merit simplified Diamancel’s offer while respecting the pricing strategy.

Acquisition of a new clientele

Pro-Merit also launched and proactively managed ad campaigns aimed not only at protecting their market share, but also acquiring new customers. Lastly, an additional network was identified, and a targeted marketing strategy was implemented.

The results of a partnership with Pro-Merit.

Diamancel increased its online sales by 350% in 12 months. This increase is primarily a result of maximizing the value of Diamancel’s current clientele on Amazon in Canada and the United States and acquiring a new clientele by introducing products into a new network, taking control over the network, and enhancing the brand image.

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