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Costco Sales Agent and Distributor

Looking to get your product into Costco? Already a high‑volume Costco seller? No matter what your size, industry, and level of expertise, Pro‑Merit can help launch or optimize your sales at Costco Canada and Costco USA.

Pro-Merit is an established Costco supplier. Our sales team’s expertise and business contacts will maximize your chances of success.

We’ve built an outstanding reputation thanks to our topnotch services, highly professional and experienced team, and innovative operational management methods.

Our team handles communication with buyers, the sales and price negotiation process, sales launches, advertising and promotion, logistics, and ongoing business relationships.

We are your best choice for meeting and exceeding your Costco sales targets, both in store and online.

With Pro-Merit, your company gets a team of experts who keep up with all the latest developments and dedicate all their time to this distribution channel.

We’ve got you covered every step of the way, from drawing up the supplier agreement to negotiating prices and getting your products in store and/or online, plus marketing, logistics, operations, optimization, and maintenance.

Pro-Merit provides two types of services: sales agency and distribution.

Costco Sales Agency

Looking for on demand or continuous Costco professional representation, support or consultation? Pro-Merit Costco sales agency is what you need.

Situation and objectives are shared

Pro-Merit team assesses the information

A solution is proposed and discussed

The solution is implemented

Pro-Merit Costco sales agency offers expertise and flexibility, to market your products at Costco in the best structure for your business.

Costco Distribution

When you entrust your product line to our team of experts in the Pro-Merit Costco Distribution Service, you’ll reap the full benefits of selling through this e‑commerce and brick-and-mortar giant, in a turnkey and risk-free solution.

Situation and objectives are shared

Pro-Merit team assesses the information

Pro-Merit do a sales pitch to Costco

If positive, purchase order is sent out and Pro-Merit pays in 30 days

With Pro-Merit Costco distribution services, your business gets to market its products to Costco warehouse and online in a complete peace of mind.

Understanding of the situation

New to Costco, or established seller? High importance of your company’s current distribution channel protection? Turnkey logistic service is required? Desire for sales in Canada, the US, or both? We will understand the context in which your company evolves, and propose a solution adapted to your needs.

Sales and marketing

Pro-Merit’s team of experts has all the necessary skills to manage the sales and marketing of your products to Costco. Choice of products, price strategy, negotiation, merchandising, logistics, all the steps are supported and/or executed by our team.

Growth and monitoring

Once your company has state of the art Costco marketed products, Pro-Merit monitors the business and protects your brand.

Advertising and promotional campaigns are tracked and optimized to increase sales.

After some time, the compatibility of your products in the other
e-retailers covered by Pro-Merit will be assessed, and an omni-channel marketing strategy can be proposed.


Fleep Business Case

Situation and Challenge

Fleep is a young and dynamic mattress brand, but its notoriety is low. The mattress category is very competitive on Costco.ca, which includes a number of big, well-established brands.


  • Earning the buyers’ trust by developping a solid business case and making an outstanding sales pitch
  • Modify product positionning to directly address costco.ca customers and promote sales
  • Implement targeted promotional and advertising campaigns


  • More than 1,200 mattress sold in the first 12 months of sale.
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Delta Business Case

Situation and Challenge

  • Delta brand wants to market bike racks to Costco Canada, but the brand has low notoriety in Canada, and is sold in the United States.

Main actions

  • Create a private label and new packaging to set the product from the product sold in the United States
  • Implement a retail price management strategy
  • Implement a North American dropship logistics strategy


  • Success on Costco.ca
  • Sales at Costco Warehouses the following year
  • Sales on Costco.com the following year
costco distribution

Our clients include multinational firms, individual entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

Your consumer shops everywhere. Be everywhere.

E-commerce sales are booming. Your consumer shops everywhere. It’s essential to market your brand on multiple online sales channel. Pro-Merit is one door to major e-retailer in Canada, United States and Europe.


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